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East Taihang

The East Taihang Scenic Area is located in the living water township of Wu'an in northwest of Wu'an, Hebei Province. It is named after the Taihang Mountain, with a total planned area of 26 square kilometers and a maximum altitude of 1,428 meters. It is the same as the Danxia landform of the Colorado Grand Canyon. It is a Taihang Mountain. A mountain-like natural scenic spot with male, strange, dangerous, steep and clever stone, cloud sea, quiet and changing. The famous 129 division and many older revolutionaries have lived and fought here.
East Taihang is strategically located and has unique tourism resources. East Taihang is only 30 kilometers away from downtown Wu'an, about 70 kilometers away from downtown Anhui, and provincial road S202 is adjacent to it. The East Taihang Scenic Spot is characterized by the quartz sandstone peaks and landscapes, the cliffs are in danger, the rocks are towering, the mountains are majestic, the majestic, the cliffs, the cliff elevators and the U-shaped rainbow above the altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level are built. Glass plank roads, etc., can be called the artificial wonders of the Taihang Mountains.
On the east coast, you can see the magnificent scenery of the peak sea and the peak wall, the beautiful scenery of the peak forest and the peak pillar, the dreamy scenery of the water waterfall and the water cloth, the wonderful wonderland of the sea of clouds and the clouds, the "Tianling Range Rover, the Cloud Walk", Life has suddenly become more and more cheerful.

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